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People often express surprise that my clinics do not cost more than they do. Some of these people have told me that they almost didn't even contact me since they assumed they would be out of their price range. I have decided to take the mystery out of things and post what my fees are...and why.

As you may well know, since 1994 I have worked with a number of international competitors, Olympians, Medalists and World Champions. I have taught and lectured at colleges, universities and a number of well established equine organizations. I've also worked with a large number of grass roots horse men and women, as well as all levels in between.

While working at John and Beezie Madden's I realized that understanding the positive behavior principles isn't just for Grand Prix Show Jumping, it isn't just for professionals or people with expensive horses. This is for everyone, every horse and every situation. That is who I want to reach...everyone! So, I have decided for the next year or so, to keep my clinic prices lower than ever.

I recognize that there aren't enough good resources available for positive reinforcement training as it is applied to horses. Being as it is based in science there is lots of info in text books. However, the practical application with horses in everyday situations isn't so readily available.

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My goal is to get as many people as possible to some good solid foundational tools, whether they are new or more advanced with the behavioral concepts. I want to focus on helping people to see how the training applies to the real life situations that they come across when dealing with their horses. I want horse people to start to learn how to adapt the training to the goals they have with their horses, both on the ground and under saddle.

I also see (and hear) a lot of misinformation being passed around. This just adds to everyone's frustration and this leads to people dismissing the whole idea of positive reinforcement training and its efficacy.

While I love teaching and training, I have to be sure I can continue to get out there helping horses and people. To be sure that no one is excluded, I have set my clinic prices as low as I can at this point (because there is nothing as good as seeing it in person). I also offer online coaching, DVDs, a book, videos, a blog and AskShawna Q & A. There is a lot of free content available to ensure that everyone can get some level of support along the way. I am also happy to help support equine non-profits, rescues and re-homing organizations through education and training.

Well, that is an explanation of why I am doing what I am doing. I hope that this helps to encourage some of you to get out there and organize a clinic. I am very flexible and we can adapt any of the services to suit your needs. Together we are making a big difference in the horse world.


Shawna Karrasch
On Target Training



$1750 plus travel/transportation expenses and accommodations.
I gear my clinics for both auditors as well as participants with horses. My goal is for everyone to walk away with a good understanding of the principles as well as a game plan of what to do with their horses once the clinic is over. I also focus on every horse as an individual and address their needs/goals, so everyone works on different behaviors.

The two day clinic starts with a lecture and anecdotal stories to clarify the principles at work in our horses lives. I want everyone to understand what we are going to see next as we move to working with the horses. We will rotate horses, doing a series of small sessions throughout the weekend. Between 1 and 10 horse participants and unlimited auditors.

$500 plus travel/transportation expenses and accommodations.
Demos usually last at least 2 hours and involve working with horses.

$325 plus travel/transportation expenses and accommodations.
These are usually between 1 or 2 hours and can be done in almost any setting. They are way more fun then they sound!

$125 per session (45 minutes).
These are tailored to the individual and the situation. It can incorporate any issue or goal that you have in mind.

$325 for six sessions.
$225 for three sessions.
$85 for one session.
This 1-lesson-per-week course is tailored to your specific level and situation, from the greenest beginner to the ultra-advanced. We will discuss your goals and then make a game plan for the next sessions. These sessions can involve video review if you have the capacity.
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